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Between family, work, hobbies, and other commitments, finding time to keep up with local news can be almost impossible. Yet so many important aspects of our lives – the education of our children, our property taxes, the condition of the roads we use every day, and so much more – are directly affected by the dealings of our local governments. Following local issues and keeping a watchful eye on local governments are critical to the wellbeing of our communities!

DaneWatch.com is a tool that allows Dane County residents to quickly learn about happenings in their communities. We help residents to be informed about school district, municipality, and county government actions so residents are better able to control the direction of their communities and hold their local units of government accountable.

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DaneWatch.com is an issues-oriented website. During local election seasons, however, DaneWatch.com will also provide information about candidates running for local offices. DaneWatch.com will neither endorse nor oppose candidates, but will provide website visitors information that allows them to quickly educate themselves about candidates.

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